Clinical EDD Updates

8/14/2023 1:44:29 PM
Starting on 8/17, the Predictive Model Estimated Discharge Date (EDD) will automatically populate the Clinical EDD field when no Clinical EDD has been documented by a clinician. The Predictive EDD has been shown to be 70% accurate compared to actual length of stay when the model generates its estimate at 18 hours post-admission. Attending Providers should continue to review and update the Clinical EDD and discharge needs comments for their patients daily.

Providers should also update their patient list columns to ensure the following columns are included: Clinical EDD, Predictive EDD, Patient Class, Total Hrs in Obs, and Consult Orders & Discharge Signoff.

Click here to view a video that explains how to add and utilize these patient list columns.

Click here for a tip sheet on how to use the dot phrases for specialty consult signoff.

Use of these tools is critical as the organization moves towards improving our discharge metrics, addressing observation patients and discharge barriers, and reducing length of stay.