Technology Enabled Care Conference

Technology – Using Technology Topic and Speaker(s) Clinical – Mobile Technology Topic and Speaker(s)
Advance Automation and Language Processing
Ajit Shukla, MBA
Assistant Vice President, Advanced Analytics and Solutions
E-ICU – The Role of Telemedicine for Critical Care
Alan Pope, MD, FACP, FCCP
CMO-Virtua Our Lady of Lourdes
Eric Sztejman, MD
Vice President Clinical Operations
Basic Computer & Mobile Technology Troubleshooting
Glenn Mason, MCSE
IS Support Technician
Epic on the Go
Samir Doshi, MD
Physician Informaticist
Amy Kalenscher, MSN, RN-BC, IBCLC
Senior Clinical Informaticist
Djuana Rivers, MSN, RN-BC
Clinical Informaticist
Information Security
Vincent Berretta
Info Security Engineer
Speech Recognition Technology
Jennifer Redner, MSN, RN-BC
Clinical Informaticist
Corinne Cummings, MSN, APN
Practice Manager/Physician Informaticist
Downtime Super User to Super Hero
Elizabeth Larkin, BSN, RN, CEN
Instructional Designer
Maria Benemerito, MSN, RN-BC
Clinical Informaticist
Remote Patient Monitoring at Virtua Health
Andrew Cohen, MD
Vice President-Clinical Operations, Medical Director
Getting Started with Microsoft Teams
Kasey Rea
Instructional Designer
What does remote patient monitoring look like in hospital at home?
Kristin Bloom, MBA, BSN, RN
Assistant Vice President at Home Clinical Operations Diego Ortega, MD
Lead Physician – Virtua Medical Group
Developing Technology Competence
Deborah C. Wojcik, PT, MEd, DHSc
IS Director
Predictive Analytics Models
Paul Devers, MD
Physician Informaticist
Christine Johnsen, DNP, ANP-BC, ACNS-BC
Clinical Informatics Consultant
The Why, How, and What of Digital Transformation at Virtua
Tarun Kapoor, MD, MBA
Senior Vice President Clinical Integration
Developing a Sepsis Toolset
Robert Cowan, MD, FAAEM, FACEP
Assistant Medical Director/Physician Informaticist
Maria Benemerito, MSN, RN-BC
Senior Clinical Informaticist
Dana Durso, MBA, MSN, RN-BC
Clinical Informaticist
Informatics: What Can We Do For You?
Oze Henig, MD
Physician Virtua Medical Group/Physician Informaticist
Angela Hess, MSN, RN-BC
Manager Clinical Informatics
Epic Pathways
Samir Doshi, MD
Physician Informaticist
Making the Most Out of Microsoft Teams
Kasey Rea
Instructional Designer
Shelli Cannon, BSCST
IS Manager Applications
Julia Staas, BSBA, MSIS
Assistant Vice President Technology